It’s a Dog Portraits Weekend!

Dogs and Their Women photo book project

Hey, I'll have a little snack while you're at it!

From my Dogs and Their Women photo book project to the first annual WINE and PAWs event, this weekend is going to the dogs!  Both of these projects are to benefit homeless dogs, with proceeds going to WI German Shorthair Pointer Rescue, Inc, and WI Humane Society.  As all of my dogs have come from WI Humane Society, it’s payback time for all the joys I’ve received through the years from my dogs.

So first up was Jeanette, Poco and Bria.  We headed to the rocky Lake Michigan Lakeshore on a beautiful, Friday afternoon.  What a way to kick-back the week and enjoy some time outdoors.  All four of us found it restful!  Jeanette was loving how Poco (beagle/whippet mix) was hanging close to her and Bria was loving the wind blowing through her hair.

Hanging out with Maddie

Dogs and Their Young Women

Then is was Kayla and her ‘cousin’ Maddie, a lab mix.  I had heard how Kayla adored Maddie, and it was obvious both in the studio and outside, as their bond shown through.  It was pure joy to be in the presence of an 8 year old and her canine buddy!

Who needs the floor when there's a couch to sit on?

King Rory on his Throne

My day ended with Meghan and Rory, another delightful pair!  Rory’s a Long Haired Chihuahua and we put him through all kinds of paces.  When he started to get sleepy, however, I brought out the couch and I swear, Martha Stewart showed up to style the set.  Looking good there Rory!

The day ended with bags of dog food for the homeless dogs and a few bottles of wine to make it to new homes with tomorrow’s crew.  Here’s a shot of my dogs, Ellie (coonhound mix) and Emma (English Pointer) helping me model the them of the event.  Thanks girls!

All Proceeds benefit Homeless Dogs

Dog food and wine. A great way to help homeless dogs!

It’s been a great day and I’ll bet a few dogs and their owners are tired tonight!

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