The Chocolatier

It all started in January when I began thinking up some new ‘scenes’ to photograph children in.  It needed to be realistic and I wanted some images to enter into the annual Millers Baby and Child national photo contest.  Since the young girl I photographed for last year’s contest won $1,000, I wanted to try for a repeat!  Of course, it hit my one day, as I put a piece of chocolate into my mouth. (Kinda of an everyday occurrence!)

When it came to finding the ‘right’ model, Sam immediately came to mind!  I’d photographed him since he was 2 months and we knew each other.  Add to it that cute face with blue eyes and the decision was made!  So after a short ‘get reacquainted’ period, Sam jumped right in to the task at hand.  He started putting the almond bark into the authentic, antique candy scale, loving the tiny weights and how they’d moved the scale.  “Oh yeah!”, he exclaimed, as the scale moved.

I was having as much fun as Sam!  He made me laugh, as his expressions changed with each new task.  But Sam really crawled into my heart when I asked him, “Does Sam like chocolate?”  His lite up and his smile broadened into one that transmitted the fun he was about to have with me.  “Peggy likes chocolate!” he exclaimed.   Oh my, my heart melted like the liquid chocolate Sam was playing with!

His mom, Jen, and I, added some chocolate to his face to round out the chef’s hat and apron.  Gotta love the ears holding up the hat!  When all the chocolate making was nearly finished, I gave Sam the chocolate box so everyone could see his ‘final product.’ I bet you can almost taste it, right?   It was good!

The Best Chocolates of the East Side!

Children's Portraits are always fun at PEGGY MORSCH life photography studio!

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