Puppy Magic

Susan, Tara and her puppies

Irish Terrier puppies stop for just a moment. . .

Hanging Out

Irish Terrier puppies relaxing after playtime

All Tuckered Out

Irish Terrier puppy naps after playing

Tara, a 4 year old Irish Terrier, has recently given birth to 6 fine puppies, who are now 10 weeks old.  Imagine my joy when Susan, the owner, contacted me about my Dogs and Their Women book project.  “You have puppies?”,  I exclaimed.  “When can I photograph them?”

As so it began. . .  I arrived just in time for the feeding of kibble and then we scurried, with the help of neighbor Dave, to photograph them all in Susan’s arms.  Since one had just gone to its permanent home, we were down to 5 puppies.  Talk about squirm power!  Full bellies and just awake from a nap, they were ready to bound around the back yard.  A few snaps and they were off to the races!

Then it was time to watch them burn off their energy so Susan and I chatted all things ‘dog.”  She told me that there’s only about 3000 Irish Terriers in the world – truly a rare breed.  I found them to be very social, strong and FAST!  Tara flew around that back yard with all five puppies trying to catch her.  Then one of the puppies spied a ‘poo’ bag hanging out of my coat pocket and he took off like a rocket with it.  The other joined in and soon it was tug of war with the plastic bag.

When they finally started to show signs of fatigue, we placed a few of them on my tiny couch.  Oh my. . . can you get anything cuter than this?  One decided to curl up on my coat while I photographed ‘Blue Boy’ on the couch.  Concentrate hard and you can see his chest rise up and then fall, with a puppy sigh.

While nearly all of the puppies have been spoken for, one gets to stay home with Tara and keep her company.  Should be lots of fun watching those two play!

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