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Same Point; Different Directions

Have you heard the joke about  what various dog breeds would say if they were changing a light bulb?  The German Shepard would say, “don’t you even TRY to get near that light bulb or I’ll . . .”   The Border Collie would say, “I’ve got it covered;” and then just hold the lightbulb in it’s mouth and run circles around it.  It gets screwed in pronto!  And the Pointer would simply point and say, “I see it!  There it is!  THERE IT IS!”

Yes, those Pointer breeds have some high-octane focus in their blood.  So it was with great delight that I spent part of an afternoon with Lisa Rossman, the Executive Director of the Wisconsin German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue, Inc.  (http://www.wgspr.com/)  As an owner of a rescued English Pointer, I’ve fallen in love with this breed and have been helping out WGSPR whenever I can.  Lisa’s helping me with my Dogs and Their Women book project; about the relationships of women and their dogs.  For Lisa, her love usually extends to more than one Pointer at a time, as she cares for Pointers that are in need of rescue vs. euthanization.  It’s a relationship that knows no bounds.

On this day, she had her own two pointers plus 3 others she was ‘sitting’ for another owner.  It made for some fun photography!  One dog LOVED to play ball, and I swear it would give a Border Collie a tough match in a game of “I’ll fetch until I die.”  Another  was favoring a sore hip after hunt trails all weekend, while a few others were catching some of the sun’s warm rays.  ALL were present when the treats came out, however.

Lisa has many stories to tell of dogs that were rescued from bad situations, to fostering the sick and unwanted, to fund-raising to keep the dogs feed and given proper veterinary care.  This is something one can only do if passion fills your heart!  The best part is that WGSPR has been successful in its mission!   Don’t quote me but I think she once said they’d found permanent homes for over 200 dogs.

If you’re an active person and want a dog to walk, run, or hunt with you, and then be nothing but your ‘cuddle buddy’ in the house, this is the breed for you.  This breed is so revered that it is the dog breed of the logo for the Westminster Dog Show.  (Now we’re talking!)  Minimal maintenance, good watchdogs, and oh yes, they love to go wherever you are!  Can you say “go for a ride?”

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