Mothers and A Special Offer

Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter

Mother's Day Photographs

I Love You This Much

A few months ago I asked Marcy and Eve if they’d be interested in being models for a Mother’s Day promotion that I wanted to do.  Eve’s eyes lit up and she readily exclaimed that it would be a marvelous idea.  Marcy, her daughter was also enthused, as I’ve come to know and see that they have a deep bond with one another.  It was fun to watch them think my question through.  As they looked at each other and glancing back to me, I wondered, as I usually do with adults, “I’ll bet it’s been a long time since either one of them had a photograph made of themselves.”

That’s a typical reason for adults to hesitate being photographed.  Certainly when we get to a certain age, the smile lines really start to smile, and it seems that a flock of crows have left their foot marks around our eyes.  But so what!  Does it really matter when it’s the relationship between a mother and daughter that should be preserved in the visual family memories tree?

Since both of these women are mothers, it was really special for me to photograph them as they let me into their relationship for just a little while.  We laughed about something funny and then the looks on their faces changed when I asked them to think about something challenging they had lived through.

It was then that I noticed more than their smiling eyes.  I could feel their love for each other when I noticed how they touched.   Take a look and I think you’ll see it too!

To celebrate Mother’s Day, I’m offering any mother who CONTACTs me by May 15th, a $150 session with anyone in their family for $75!  Wow – a whole lot love to go around on Mother’s Day!  Come on guys, what a great gift that would make and think about how you’ll love the result in your home!

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