LZ Canine

Recently an event called LZ Lambeau was held at Lambeau field to honor Vietnam war veterans.  It was an overdue and necessary ‘thank you’ to honor their service for our country.  With this being Memorial Day, my mind is turned to family, friends and thousands of other men and women who have served.  But my sense of humor erupted while going through some images of the dogs I had made on my nice, little, point and shoot Canon G10 camera.  After spending some time at the Runway Dog Park, I found my dogs catching some rest on the couch.  I loved this view from above, which I feel really gives one the sense of their fatigue.

dog portraits Milwaukee

LZ Canine

In keeping with today’s national Holiday, the thought that came to me was Landing Zone Canine.  The couch always being a ‘safe’ place to land in our house!

Humor aside, as we remember those that have served in the military,  I’d like to remember and/or thank Carl Morsch (Merchant Marine), Roger Herson (Army), Mark Hayes (Navy), Joseph Clark Schwedler (Navy), Michael Herson (Army Nation Guard), and thousands of other men & women who served for our benefit.

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