Seniors 2011 – Scholarships

Free scholarship money for college?  Who wouldn’t be interested!  As a member of the Better Business Bureau of  Wisconsin, I receive a monthly email newsletter.  This article came today and I wanted to share it with the Senior Class of 2011! Dominique has earned $2500 scholarship.   Here’s how you can apply for the 2011 Scholarship from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Just see the email address below:

Walden III
High School
Racine, WI

The BBB of Wisconsin Foundation is pleased to announce that the winner of its first-ever “Student of Integrity” Scholarship is Dominique Hyatt-Oates, a senior at Walden III High School in Racine.

Hyatt-Oates was selected from more than 500 applicants throughout Wisconsin. She will receive a $2,500 scholarship to attend Washington State University, where she intends to major in athletic training and physical therapy.

“Dominique is an exceptional student and leader,” said Randall Hoth, chairman of the BBB of Wisconsin Foundation. “She truly is a ‘Student of Integrity’ and I’m very pleased to award her with this scholarship.” To earn the scholarship, students must be a high school senior with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 – among other requirements. They’re requested to write a short essay describing how they build character in themselves and in others, and how they will build character in the future. The essay, along with their community involvement, volunteer activities, awards and honors, are all considered by a panel of 10 judges.

Hyatt-Oates was selected because of her 3.833 grade point average (on a 4-point scale), her written essay and her demonstrated toughness and perseverance in the face of personal obstacles. The scholarship is sponsored by the BBB of Wisconsin Foundation and ethical Wisconsin companies. This year, it was co-sponsored by State Collection Service in Madison, a 2008 BBB Business Ethics Torch Award winner.

Interested in the 2011 BBB Student of Integrity Scholarship? Contact Liz Fredrichs at if you’re interested in being a matching sponsor. Or, if you’re interested in applying for the scholarship, contact Kristina Lock

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