Cesar’s Way

If you own a dog, you’ve probably watched The Dog Whisperer on cable.  Cesar has three (3) basic tenets that he works with when training dogs.  First – they need plenty of exercise with mental (read olfactory) stimulation.  Second – they need discipline (read regular training) and lastly, they need your love.

When I work with dogs in the studio, I cover all those points with owners prior to their session.  Everything usually goes well when all of Cesar’s tenets have been met.  Once in a while, there’s a more skittish dog, but all usually works well with acclimation time.

Here are two dogs, owned by twin sisters, Kristin and Kam Davis, that proved Cesar’s Way really works!  Bella is the black dog and Kizzie, the golden one.  Take a look at Bella!  She’s the epitome of a calm, relaxed, but alert dog.  Go ahead and let those eyes melt you because she’s got a set of sparklers there.  Kizzie, she got to show off her tricks and pulled off some ‘high fives’ for me.  You can tell that she and her owner practice that one regularly!  They both came to the studio with a long walk under their collar and after a few, tasty treat, were ready for their shoot.

Calm, alert, relaxed

I'm chill'in out.

High Five'n

Whether you’re the owner or a photographer, the last ingredient that works well with dogs, and humans, is to approach the session with ‘calm-assertive’ behavior.  Your dogs will sense it and behave.  If you become mad because they’re not doing something right, you’re voice will show it and your dog will act more nervous.  Calm-assertive wins every time.  Just ask Bella!

Mention Cesar’s Way when you call to book a session with your dog and receive a free video of your best shots!

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