Patience is rewarded

It was about a year ago that I began photographing volunteers for my Dogs and Their Women book project.  This project will benefit area dog rescue organizations, so all the monies will ‘go to the dogs.’  It’s been my intention to have women of color, dogs of different sizes/breeds, and women from a variety of occupations to go along with their rich and varied stories about their lives with dogs.  In the past year, two of the dogs I’ve photographed are now gone, leaving empty spaces for the women that loved and cared for them.  Those that love dogs, humans or any living thing, will always have to walk through that experience when it comes.

As I looked at the images and stories I had, I knew I needed some special subjects to round out the book, and as of yesterday, I was rewarded with a big ole ‘yes’ from the Milwaukee Police Department.  They came through quickly and effectively and I now have a female officer and her K9 partner to photograph when the weather breaks around Milwaukee.  I’ll also be photographing a local radio personality that many of you will know, as well as a women whose dog helps her through the day to day existence with MS.  You’re going to love these stories and photographs when you read/see them!

I need your help, however.  I’d love to photograph a female veteran, from either Iraq or Afghanistan wars, that has a canine companion to help her with PTSD or any service – related injury.  If you know of anyone, please let me know her contact info.  These healing relationships that dogs foster will make for compelling stories in the book and having a canine companion has become one of the effective treatments for PTSD.

I close with a lovely photo made recently of a Great Dane, relaxing in the dappled sunlight after a 4 mile run and a swim in Lake Michigan.  Ahh, the life of a dog!  When the sun comes back, I think I’ll catch some time in the sun myself!

Feeling that Post-Run High

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