Personalized Service for Parents of a Newborn

Approaching REM sleep

In my portrait photography work, I decided a long time ago to provide ‘personalized, distinctive service’ to my clients.  I guess it comes from the personalized service I once provided to patients recovering from heart attacks and by-pass surgery.  People aren’t ‘cookies,’ so what good is ‘cookie cutter’ service?  Besides, anticipating client’s needs is enjoyable and shows that I care about them as people; not just subjects in front of my camera.

This service can take the form of photographing a family at their home or cottage.  It can be delivering their order because it’s not convenient for the client to come to me, or maybe scouting their favorite location ahead of time to make sure that the light is just right.  This week, however, took the ‘cake’ for ‘personalized, distinctive service.’

A loyal client recently gave birth to their second child.  With an active toddler as a vibrant member of the family, I suggested that we do the View and Choose session at their home to make it easier for Mom & Dad to order the images together.  I’d bring along my HDMI cable for TV/Laptop and they could view the images on their TV.  They ‘jumped’ at  that suggestion.  We also scheduled it for 8:00 p.m., after the little guy had gone to bed.  I usually don’t schedule View and Choose sessions after 7:00 p.m.

When I arrived, Mom told me that the toddler was having trouble settling down for the night.  Seems as though a cold kept Mom or Dad running back into the toddler’s bedroom.   She asked if we could view the images upstairs, in their bedroom, on the same level as the toddler’s bedroom, instead of down 2 flights of stairs in their family room.  That way they could be there for the little guy.  “No problem, as long as the cable will work,”  I replied.

My New Sister

So there we were.  Mom, Dad and newborn on the bed and me on a chair, as they viewed and chose the newborn images.  I only wish I’d taken along a camera and a tripod to snap an image that would look like this:  Mom and Dad on the bed with one parent holding the newborn.  A big bowl of popcorn on another lap and their bare feet leading one’s eye up to them.  Then imagine that ‘low, blue light’ look of the light from the TV shining on them.  CLICK!  It would have been a humorous photo to use for an ad.

When the Viewing and Choosing was done, they thanked me and kidded that they’d be reading about it on my blog.  So com’on folks!  Let’s see if you can get me to beat this level of service!

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