Hudson – On The Fly

With Room to Spare

Over the past year I’ve photographed some pretty amazing dogs!  Dogs who have been rescued and are now in wonderful homes, dogs that provide companionship for their elderly owners, dogs that run with their owners and many others, that by just being themselves and living in the moment, bring a truckload of happiness to their owners.

Yesterday, I did a pre-shoot with a dog, whose energy knows no bounds.  Rebecca told me that she took him to Runway dog park for about 2.5 hours, just to dial-down his personality a bit.  When I heard that, I thought this meeting would prepare me for when I photograph him for my Dogs & Their Women book.  A rescue, Hudson has challenged Rebecca with his antics, his drive and enthusiasm ,and ultra-marathon-like energy level.  He goes to Fido Fitness 2x/wk and spends some time at Community Bark.  Otherwise, it’s 2.5 hours or 7 trips around Runway, which is about 35 acres.

When I saw Hudson, I said to Rebecca, “Are you sure he’s not an English Pointer?”  And thus the conversation began.  Coonhound vs. Pointer.  Regardless of what breed he hails from, Hudson is one athletic specimen.  At 2 years old, he knows how to cover ground and leap fences!  If you’ve seen a cat leap up to a table top, that’s exactly how Hudson leaps.  Effortlessly, with plenty of clearance room for those hind legs.  He makes some high school high jumpers I once coached look clumsy!

So take a look at the photo and see what you think – coonhound or pointer?  Perhaps a bit of both.  One thing to keep in mind when you look at this image, is that it was made on laps 5 & 6 around Runway.  Yep, Hudson had one more lap to go after I left with my two dogs.  Keep truckin’ Hudson and God bless Rebecca, who has given you the exact home you needed!

3 thoughts on “Hudson – On The Fly

  1. Peggy;

    Rebecca is my sister and Hudson my nephew… That’s a great picture of them!! Thank you!!
    What you didn’t say about Hudson is that while energetic he is all about LOVE!! He’s a special dog and Bec is a special sister!!

    Tracey Krebs

  2. I have seen Hudson in action! That boy has boundless energy and Rebecca has amazing energy to keep up with him! He is a beautiful dog and he couldn’t have asked for a better mom!

  3. I am a co-worker of Rebecca and I haven’t had a chance to meet Hudson but I have heard many stories about him.They all made me laugh due to I am a dog lover as well.Rebecca is a wonderful person and those two make a wonderful couple.

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