Doggy Presents

Doggy Presents

It’s time to ‘give back’ to the rescue dogs!  Thanks to all of you that participated in my WINE and PAWs event, as well as the wonderful women and their dogs that I’ve been meeting through my Dogs & Their Women book project.! You might recall that this project will benefit rescue dogs!  It’s a project that is nearing its completion of the photo sessions.  Then onto design/print/market.  Helping those that help dogs find forever homes has been a ‘focus’ of mine ever since I adopted my coonhound 12 years ago.  Adopting the English Pointer merely ‘sealed the deal.’  Because lots of you out there continue to support my photographic work with dogs, I wanted to buy some German Shorthair Pointers some new duds.  Believe me, they thank you too!

Lisa, at the WI German Shorthair Pointer Rescue, Inc, told me that they needed some new collars and leashes ASAP.  So I bought some new hunting-orange collars for those rescue bird dogs and some 6 ft. leashes that some new owner will appreciate.  I like the orange collars on my dogs; especially in the winter when I’m walking them in the dark.  We get to be seen by drivers who may not have had quite enough coffee in the morning and forget about stop signs!

So enjoy these collars, guys and gals.  Even if you don’t pass the hunter test, you’ll still look good!  Stylin’.

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