Greener Photography

Panoramic of Stowe Valley, VT

For years I’ve worked to make less of an impact on our environment and now there’s a movement in the photography world to bring together those efforts into an organized group.  I will soon begin the process of becoming a Certified Green Photographer!  Up until this point I’ve decided on packaging materials that are made from recycled materials, have written my vendors to ask for my friendly packing that their products are delivered in, had an home Energy Audit through Focus on Energy, and participate at the 100% level for providing renewable energy through Energy For Tommorrow.  (We pay more for our electricity to help provide renewable sources in WI)

Add in all the flourescent light bulbs in the house, the hot water blanket, the new windows we continue to add, energy start appliances, trips to Wisconsin Paperboard to drop off loads of cardboard, a well insulated studio and energy efficient computers that are turned off at night, 2x/month recycling at the curb, and I hope I’m well on my way to making the grade.  I’ll just have to see what’s required to become Certified.  I’m sure I’ll learn a few things that I need to do.  I can think of one already.

Why do this?  Remember the late 60’s & 70’s?  Too bad if you don’t.  That’s when, as kids, we washed out aluminum cans and bottles for recycling, right along with the dishes.  It brought in extra money then but I learned from my parents, both born to the generation that lived through the depression, that finding other uses or fixing things was the was to live.  As for today’s environment, where more people live on the planet than did in the 70’s, being green is smart, a way to think of those that will come after us, and good business.

One thought on “Greener Photography

  1. Peggy~Wonderful images of children and seniors. My grandaughter Joy has accssessed ?? your website. She is intersted in photography..
    Have you ever seen Steve McCullough again?? Never able to get him..

    Next time you vist wayland go to the dump to see the elaborate recycle center..BB

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