Life Is GOOD!

PEGGY MORSCH life photography

The Leap of Cousins!

Destination Northwoods Wisconsin!  Bear Lake was the happening place yesterday when multiple families gathered for some fun in the sun.  You can’t beat temps in the mid 80’s, lower humidty and water warm enough to play in!  There was tubing, 2 new labrador retriever puppies that were as mellow as a glass of wine going down, and loads of cousins, parents, brothers & sisters,  just having fun together.  It was “A Day In the Life” with this family and it’s a project I’ve been waiting for the right family to do it with.  The Gaenslen clan knew how to deliver!  Such enthusiasm life and fun!

This image shows all the older cousins, lined up for a ‘family leap’ from the dock, after coming in from some serious tubing.  What a great way to remember fun, family times with “A Day In the Life” custom book!  More to come on Facebook:

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