Summer’s For Playing

Catch Me If You Can

When we think back to our carefree days of our youth, Summer is usually the time of year that most of use will recall with fondness.  I remember crying to my mom because I had to stop playing on those long, summer nights and come inside, take a bath to rid myself of a day’s worth of dirt, and go to bed.  That’s when bedtime was before it was really dark outside!   I remember crying through my tear-soaked words that there was still light outside.  Somehow she didn’t get it that there was precious time left in the day for hide-n-seek or kick the can.

Recently, I had the pleasure, and I mean that in every sense of the word, to photograph two girls, Samiyah and Tahlia.  Tahlia’s the oldest at four.  Samiyah, at two, tries to keep up with her bigger sister, but age wins out.  With eyes as big as saucers, Tahlia is at the fun age where imagination and reality are one and the same.  While photographing her, she looked at me in that big sister way, pointed at me and said, “You’re going to be a Sea Witch.”  Game on, Tahlia!  In an instant, I was transformed back about 5 decades and found myself enjoying the game as well as making the images.  I found that our session together flew by together and mom, Kim, was wonderful to just let Tahlia be who she was and have fun playing with me.

Samiyah in grassy field

When we started to make our way back toward the cars, I noted Tahlia carrying some of the beautiful flowers Kim had brought along for the session.  I looked at Kim, said ‘wait here,’ as I ran up ahead to make a few images of Tahlia walking away with the flowers.  This is one of them.

Flower Girl

I have many images of the girls that mom and dad fell in love with!  Flowers, dancing, birthday suits, the two of them together . . .  What I love about photographing this age group is their innocence, their inhibitions and how real they are.  When’s the last time you played Sea Witch in the park?  If it’s been a while, you should try it before summer fades away.  You just might find yourself laughing like a two year old!

Laughter Is Good

One thought on “Summer’s For Playing

  1. As Kim’s mom and Tahlia and Samiyah’s grandmother I am happy that you enjoyed the day with ‘my girls’. Your photos and commentary were right on in ‘painting’ their portraits.

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