Fun With Katie

Between packing for my trip to Alaska, getting session and orders completed, and nursing a sore back from my repetitive motion shooting style, I had a chance to slow down and have fun with a 3 month old and her mom.  The second child in the family, Katie is full of smiles and babbles!  Mother Jen says that as long as her belly is full, she’s good to go.  So to the studio they came and Katie poured it on.  With this being her 3 month old session, we wanted to get some cute face shots and some to show off the clothing/hat that was given to her.

Cherub in the garden

After a little break, I suggested that we go outside, since it was a beautiful day.  My garden was in bloom and I had the matching tutu color for little Katie’s size!  Jen said she was thinking the same thing so out we went.  Jen did her best to tease the smiles out of Katie as she was feeling the effects of her bottle that she just had.  Sleepy time was right around the corner so we had to move fast!

I love tutus!

Like a little cherub in the garden, she came through marvelously.  The icing on the cake was a well deserved kiss on the cheek by mom.  Yeah, the kind that squishes in the cheek and leaves you feeling loved all over your body.  Can’t wait for her to turn six months!

Another wet one?

Next post is dateline Wrangell – St. Elias National Park!  Hoping fall colors peak while I’m there.

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