Trashing the Dress

This summer I had the pleasure of photographing a couple that weren’t really happy with their wedding images. (Disclaimer:  I wasn’t their wedding photographer)  Having been married for 3 years, and John about to return from Kuwait after a year of  U.S. Army deployment, Meghan planned a Trash The Dress session for a summer evening along the shores of Lake Michigan.  I couldn’t wait to ‘play’ with this couple and they were wonderful to work with!  We traded ideas back and forth and found we were thinking along the same lines.

Summer Love

The light was beautiful in the open field and Meagan had wanted to get a shot near the small pond that sits alongside a two-track, grassy lane.  I love photographing people in natural settings!  Everyone’s usually relaxed and enjoying their time outdoors, and it shows in their images.  We came back up the hill and I spied another opportunity to catch the fun they were having against some great light.  It was obvious how happy they were to be in each others company again.

So glad you're home!

Since the mosquitos decided it was ‘dinner time,’ it was time to move towards the water.  Few people were around so we picked the part of the beach that would hopefully give us some color in the sky when the sun started to set.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get the clouds we wanted but my assistant, Luke Lovrek, provided me with the dramatic light that I needed and couldn’t pull off alone.  Meghan and John supplied the romance and now a Canvas Cluster of 4 images hang in their home.  The dress, another veteran-friendly small business owner dry cleaned it for free!

I'm Yours

Thanks John and Meghan for a great night near the Lake!  May you have lots of time together now.

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