What A Difference A Year Makes

New and Awake to the World

Two months from now, this little bundle of joy will be 1 year old.  I photographed Sophia right after she was born and she had brownish hair.  Today she found herself in front of my camera and she’s changed to a blond!  What a cute little girl she is and now she’s all bright, blue-eyed and full of smiles.  A cute dress can’t hurt the effort here, nor can seeking out the right light in Lake Park.  Check it out with the Fall foliage all around here.

What I still see is the shape of her eyes and face.  Boy, can she bring on the smiles for her mom, dad and 3 siblings.  Of course I have photos of all of them, but tonight I needed to go back in my files and just see how much she had changed in 8 months.  Mom said she’s coming back for her one year old session, so I can’t wait to have her alone in the studio!  I’m already ready thinking up things we can do with her.

I LOVE Fall!

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