How Do You Say FALL?

Tomato Toss

Now that my Fall rush of high school seniors, kids. dogs and families has settled a bit, I’ve been showing clients their images on the ‘big screen’ and I’ve found a few images that make me smile, laugh and feed my passion for why I communicate with a camera!

First up is Sam.  Three years into his ever-expanding life, he’s been a ‘regular’ guy around the studio and I looked forward to every time I get to photograph him.  “Why,” you might ask.  Because Sam represents all the ‘REAL KIDS’ I photograph.  They are full of life, curious, eager to play with me and rarely back away from doing something crazy.  Hence the tomatoes!

After photographing Sam and his new sister, Katie, in the studio, we headed outside because I knew my Purple Aster  (WI prairie  perennial) was in full bloom and would provide a nice background.  But I needed Sam to do something.  My lone tomato plant grew nearby and knew that tomatoes and balls were pretty much the same shape.  I looked at mom, she nodded, ‘go for it’ and we were off.

I LOVE his enthusiasm in this shot!  Rising off the land to explore gravity and loving doing something crazy.  We even got a second ‘take’ on the same tomatoes!  Sam’s mom told me that he’s still talking about the tomatoes.  Me too.

The Perfect Leaf

Then there was Aidan, who helps me show the true colors of Fall.  An enthusiastic four year old, aidan keeps his family laughing!  We had just finished a series of image of tossing leaves up in the air when he came over to me and said, “Look, I just found the perfect leaf!”  I looked up and said, “Wow, Aidan.  That IS a perfect leaf!”  My angel spoke up and said “get an image with that leaf.”  I listened and followed and was rewarded with an authentic image of a boy and his find.

So in this season of falling leaves, ripening tomatoes and soon to be heavy frost, I encourage you all to get outside and look closely on the ground, in the morning or evening skies and see the world like a child would.  You might notice the shape of the clouds, a pattern in the grass or how the frost clings to the plants in your garden.  If you really want to look, take a 3 or 4 year old with you.  They’ll teach you how to see in no time flat!

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