The Old, Married Couple

This past weekend I helped the Community Bark & Dog Wash celebrate their one year anniversary.  We turned it into a fundraiser for the WI Humane Society and had a GREAT turnout!  I photographed dogs that were tiny (chihuahuas) and barely took up any room on a chair, to huge dogs, like the Leonberger, who needed a larger couch to stretch out on.  Some came in costume and quite a few had just successfully negotiated the bath/nail trim buffing to get them ready for the photo.  There were 46 mini-sessions in all and all were well behaved, in spite all the other dogs milling around, waiting their turn.

There’s one ‘couple’ that I just need to talk about.  They immediately grabbed my heart when they jumped up on the couch and sat as close as they could together.  I’m not kidding here, folks.  Their heads touched!  I’ve never seen two dogs express their closeness to each other as these two did.  I remarked to the owner that they looked like an old married couple, sitting on the couch.  What’s more, they didn’t move from that position and didn’t flinch from the flash.  We had to separate them to get some individual shots.

There were many dogs that I loved photographing at this event but I think these two won me over on the emotional side.  I hope that have a long, happy life together!

Together Forever

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