Alice In Wonderland Halloween

Mad Hatter 'family'

Some families are REALLY into Halloween!  Over the last few weeks I’ve driven by the decorations and read about my Facebook friends carving pumpkins and getting costumes ready for parties.  This family, however, takes the cake on Halloween costumes.

Every year, mom takes a week off of work to exercise her creativity and make the costumes for her family.  She calls me in September to schedule her family’s portrait session to capture the fun they have getting in character.  Every year they amaze me with how authentic they look!  Last year the girls were characters from The Chronicles of Narnia.  But this year was a big ‘wow’ for me!.  The colors, the makeup, the costumes. . .  I thought about how much fun they were having (even though they’re in character in the photo) and how they were going to love seeing these images as they move on with their lives.

My favorite part was when I said to ‘the queen’ to pucker up and the others had to look serious.  Those directions ALWAYS bring some laughs!  I wonder what she’s cooking up for next year??

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