Had Your Flu Shot Yet?

November holds a few important dates like elections, Veteran’s Day,  and Thanksgiving.  It’s generally the time of year when we start to live inside.   We pull down the storm windows, put an extra quilt on the bed and yank out the hats and mittens.  If you’re paying attention here, you may have spotted a pattern – people inside . . . in close proximity = cold and flu season.   Yes, it’s upon us again!

Today I photographed 6 month old ‘cutie’ Katie, who is on the tail end of her cold.  However, she’s in the middle of some teething.  She tried her rattle, using one end to soothe her inflamed gums and she worked her tongue the best she could to ease the pain.  Some of the photos were just plain fun when I caught her in action.  I thought it would be a great shot for a health care ad with a tag line like, ‘Had your flu shot yet?”  Or, “Just say, ‘ahhhh.'”   And by the way, don’t you LOVE this outfit?

"just say 'ahhhhh"

To be fair to Katie, I have to show you that in spite of her teething, her little lady personality was fully ramped up in this cute dress and ‘bling, bling’ shoes!  I have a feeling that as I photograph her regularly through her toddler years that she’s going to look good in ANY outfit.

Shoes Make the Girl

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