Dexter – The Boxer Puppy

When you own a dog, and walk it regularly, you meet lots of people along the way.  Mostly other dog walkers who are schleping poo bags around in the dimly lit dawn and dusk hours of the day.  I also meet moms, who are traipsing about with their child in a stroller.  Often times, they have a dog as well.

I met Sharon a few years back when she was sporting 3 dogs on her walk.  Two Boxers and a German Shorthair Pointer.  Through the years, these dogs passed on, and over the last year, she and her husband have raised a German Shorthair Pointer puppy named “Flash.”  His name fits him!  He’s all hunting, all the time, and has a beautiful, efficient, lopping gait that allows him to run/hunt for hours.  Just recently, when we crossed each others path on a walk in Lake Park, Sharon said, “I need to call you to photograph our new puppy.  We have a 10 week old Boxer!”

I squealed at the thought of photographing a puppy!  They’re like newborns (just hear me out moms!) in that they have their own fresh smells, soft skin, and pliable bodies.  Get them asleep and a lot of fun starts to happen!

At the same time, my new Nikon D3s arrived and I was excited to try out its low-light capabilities.   I met “Dexter”, the boxer puppy, at Sharon’s house one afternoon so that I could get to meet he and “Flash” in their own environs.   Dexter was trying to figure me out as I quickly taught him a sit-stay.  Gotta say that I love this camera as this image is at 8000 ISO (no manipulation of this image), f 1.6 on my 50mm f1.4 lens.  Photog friends, don’t you just love the fall off!

Dexter and Flash has his back!

This past week, both dogs came to the studio.  Flash was shy but we convinced him that having a spot on the couch was really OK.  He’s not allowed on the furniture at home,  but hey, I gave him his OWN couch in the studio.  I think he was expecting something bigger!

I Said I Wanted A Couch But It Came A Little To Small!

Of course Dexter had most of the time under the lights and while he didn’t fall asleep because Flash was around, we did manage to get a number of good images.  I LOVE the ones that show his wrinkled forehead and I think you’ll notice the color harmony thing going on.  I look forward to watching him grow – that is, everything but his nose!

I Know I'm Cute!

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