One Winter Morning

Mid January brings some cold, snowy, blustery days to the Upper Midwest.  The kind of days when our dogs head into the yard to do their business and then quickly run back towards the door.  Yes, -30 degree wind chill days!

January also starts my year off with a birthday – the 15th.  I’m honored to share the day with Martin Luther King!  January also turns my attention to seeing my photography friends, when I attend the Professional Photographers of America National meeting and head off to the Seniors and Youth Conference.  This year brings me other new adventures instead of conferences, but I found myself thinking about one winter day, about 3 years ago.

I’d invited a photographer friend to come visit me in January, when we could both go out and photograph the winter landscape, and enjoy a little time off after the busy Holiday seasoon.  Janet and I had met at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Montana and have been friends ever since, so she was ‘game’ to see what winter was like in Milwaukee.


Frigid Morning at North Point


When she arrived, Milwaukee was into our usual mid-January, deep chill – and I mean deep!  I convinced her to accompany me one early, Friday morning to North Point, near Bradford Beach, to photograph the chilly dawn.  I had been inspired by another local photographer and the work he created of the dock piers, still in the ground after all the years that had passed since boats moored there.  It was -4 degrees air temperature and about -20 with the wind chill.  (One good thing about early morning photography is that until the sun rises, there’s usually very little wind.)

Janet soon discovered that she didn’t bring warm enough clothing so off to the warm car she trudged.  Forty-five minutes into it, I conceded to the loss of feeling in my toes and paid for it as I felt the pain upon re-warming!   Funny I didn’t feel that kind of pain as they were getting cold.  I did get this wonderful shot and yes, Janet’s still my friend!  When we talk about her coming back for another visit, she’s quick to mention, ‘any month but January.’

For my birthday, we head north this weekend for the UP of Michigan!   It’s fun to take the dogs and get in some decent snow shoeing.  Of course I’ll take the camera and, this time, some hand and feet warmers!


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