One Lagoon, One Bull Terrier in Puerto Rico

Just returned from a fantastic stay in Puerto Rico!  My cousin Carole and her husband Joe, taxied Kathy and I to some of the great ‘off the beaten tracks’ locations on the west, north &  south side of the island.   (More about those locations coming)  It was warm – 75 – 85, sunny, and the weather packed the kind of humidity that your skin and bones long to soak up in February.   When you hail from the upper mid-west it takes about 3 days before your skin feels ‘human’ again!

First Day at Cabo Rojo Beach, Puerto Rico

On the extreme southwest side of the island lies Cabo Rojo.  There you’ll find a light house and a lagoon beach to die for!  Warm water that’s more than swimmable can be found here, and the friendly people that Puerto Rico is know for.  Because my camera is with me wherever I go when I travel, I had fun photographing an 8 week old Bull Terrier.  Like me, it was his first visit to Cabo Rojo!

I'm Safe With You

He was curious about the waves coming and going and when he was a bit frightened, he hightailed it towards his owners feet.  It was fun to watch him play with the water and even try to drink it – too salty.  I loved his flat, broad muzzle and of course, those pinky, pig-like ears.  I’m sure he’ll be making more visits to Cabo Rojo in the future!

My First Day on the Beach

You might be wondering how I made these images and managed to stay dry.  Bathing suit – of course I was in the water.  I like to get my autofocus point set in the camera for the kind of image I want to make – horizontal vs. vertical.  Use a wide angle lens (this was Nikon 12 – 24mm f2.8 DX lens) to get an environmental portrait and start shooting.  You should know the closest focusing distance of your lens so you can keep your subject at least that far away from your lens.  Continuous focus settings help also.  Try it!  You’ll get some great images that show the life of the dog from their point of view.  Try something different from the thousands of images that shoot down on the dog’s face.  This angle show a more relaxed dog from their perspective.

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