The Studio’s Going to the Dogs!

You’re not bothered by a little dog hair flying around the studio or even a few spots of drool to watch out for, right?  Great!!  Then you’re the kind of canine I’m looking for on April 9th and 10, 2011.  You can join my team of dogs, and their owners, who find a little room in their hearts every spring to help out the WI Humane Society and the WI German Shorthair Pointer Rescue group.

Join us for some FUN and help other dogs!

I know you’d LOVE to have your dog looking good in a great photo AND help out the dogs!    So here’s all the info you need to know to make a donation that feeds your soul and gives homeless dogs a chance!

SATURDAY – April 9:  9:00 a.m. –  5:00 p.m.      SUNDAY – April 10:  9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Where:  PEGGY MORSCH life photography studio – 2738 N. Summit Ave.  Milwaukee  53211  (Bright, yellow house – studio in the rear building, through the white, picket fence.)

Book an appointment by:  Call 414.550.5340  or book online.

Cost:  $30 and a 30# bag of dog food.   (A bottle of red or white wine to ‘trade & try’ is optional.)

You Receive:  A complimentary, Artisan 8×10 print and one Facebook image.

A fenced in yard, water and doggie snacks are also included.  Please bring your dog leashed and well exercised prior to your session.  Your dog will appreciate it!


Last year we donated over 500 pounds of dog food, so come on – book a session and make my back ‘hurt with joy’ when I deliver even MORE bags of dog food this year!

One thought on “The Studio’s Going to the Dogs!

  1. Thanks for hosting this event!! I cannot wait to see all the gorgeous pooches!!! We had a fabulous time thanks for having us!!

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