It Takes Someone Special

When you adopt a dog, especially a young dog, you can expect to deal with half-eaten shoes, some cushioning torn out of the couch, or even a little woodwork that seemed like a nice thing to chew on.  Then there are those one of kind dogs that seem to take them a LONG time to grow out of that puppy/adolescent stage.  Enter Hudson!

I first met Hudson this past summer at the Runway Dog Park.  He was one of the dogs in my Dogs and Their Women book project, to be published this Fall.  Hudson seems to have the traits of a Pointer and a Coonhound.  So he has NUCLEAR energy!  One of the images is of Hudson clearing a snow fence in a single bound.

Doggie Limbo

Today, Hudson is about 3 years old and after his owner, Rebecca, took him to Runway Dog Park for 2 hours of running and then fed him extra dog food to make him a little sleepy, he arrived at the studio to be my first dog for the 2nd Annual WINE & PAWs event.  It is officially  being held April 9 & 10 so there’s still time to call for your 30″ session (414.550.5340)

A Deep Understanding Between Friends!

Hudson was wonderful!  While I was prepared for a super, energetic dog, I could see he was maturing.  What I really want to tell you is that Rebecca is a VERY SPECIAL companion for Hudson.  She sees to it that his day is filled with exercise, doggie day care, medication trials – anything it takes to keep him happy and out of trouble.  When many would have turned Hudson back to a shelter for unruly behavior, Rebecca’s always found it in her to keep trying and now it’s paying off.  Hudson could have easily been euthanized for his unruly behavior that only needed an outlet – one that Rebecca’s provided for him.

Thanks for Hanging In There With Me!

So today was a wonderful day!  Hudson could still clear the back of my couch with one leap off the Pergo floor but he’s turning the corner towards maturity.  Never would have I thought it possible to use a neck tie and hat with him this summer.  And now, we’ll you get the picture!

Hey, where's my biscuit?

My internal voice kicked in and I received the idea to try.  It was risky, however.  Since Hudson loves to give kisses, this could turn into a problem for my lens, but what the heck.  Let’s give it a try!

Hey Peggy, high is dominate!

While the ceiling and light is obvious, I like this image.  I see his calmness and perhaps curiosity about my position below him.  He reminds me, in his moment of peace, to enjoy the moment we’re given.  I’ll remember to do that tonight when say goodnight to my two senior dogs.

WINE & PAWs will benefit WI German Shorthair Pointer Rescue AND Wisconsin Humane Society.                       (All images made with Nikon D3s, 24-70mm f28, 50mm f1.4 and 85mm 1.8 lenses)

2 thoughts on “It Takes Someone Special

  1. Peggy, you really touched my heart on this one! We had such a great time with you and I’d like to thank you so much for having us. I absolutely love your photostory.. I cried… and giggled and thanked God Hudson didn’t send anything (too valuable) flying!! You are amazingly patient and kind. It really shows in your work. The images are beautiful. They definitely capture his personality — AMAZING!!!! Thanks for appreciating his craziness!! We’d love to work with you again! Please, tell “the girls” Ellie and Emma “roo roo” for us!! Sending love and (of course) hound dog kisses XOXOXO Hudson & Rebecca

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