Unsung Heroes

There are lots of people that we don’t hear about that donate countless hours towards making a difference in the world.  Most quietly go about their passions with very little recognition.  CNN honors some of them every year in the “HEROES” special, but today I wanted to bring your attention to one woman that has rescued and adopted hundreds of dogs.  She lives in Milwaukee and German Shorthair and English Pointers are the breeds that capture her attention.  I’d like you to meet Lisa Rossman – Executive Director of Wisconsin German Shorthair Pointer Rescue (WGSPR).

Lisa, Miracle & Jim

There are lots of stories that Lisa can share with you about running a dog rescue.  Some would make your heart soar and some would have you asking her, ‘how do you keep doing this?’   It takes a big heart to recognize the dogs you can save and move on from the ones you can’t.  The Humane Society of the United States estimates that an equal number of dogs & cats are rescued and euthanized each year – 3-4 million.  Lisa, along with a dedicated group of volunteers and foster moms & dads, keep the wheels of WGSPR going.  You can see some of the dogs they have available here.  Incidentally, Pointers are wonderful dogs for active, caring families.  (Disclaimer:  I’ve had one for 10 years)

To honor Lisa and the work she does, I invited her into the studio today to help kick off the WINE & PAWs event happening at the studio this weekend.  She brought in Jim, all freshly bathed, and Miracle, her ‘miracle’ dog that she rescued from Arkansas.  You can read about and see the living conditions that Miracle came from here.  Here’s some of the photographs I was able to capture for her.  Miracle’s more anxious, but Jim is one relaxed Pointer!

Lisa and Jim

Life is Sooo Good When You're Rescued!

This Photo Shoot is Tiring Me Out!

I'm Pointing The Way To WINE & PAWs!

If you want to help WGSPR and WI Humane Society, call me at 414.550.5340 to book a 30″ appointment for  $30 and a 30# bag of dog food for Sunday, April 10, 2011.  Saturday is nearly full but limited openings are available for Sunday.  You’ll receive a complimentary 8×10 and a Facebook image.  Can’t make either day?  Just call and I’ll find a time to fit you in.  It’s all for the dogs!

5 thoughts on “Unsung Heroes

  1. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story about a woman with a HUGE heart! Lisa kudo’s to you for all of your work and dedication to these dogs. The world needs more of you. I want to say, the picture of Jim, passed out with the tie on.. with the caption “This Photoshoot is Tiring me OUT” is priceless. I just laughed! All I could think of was PARTY ANIMAL!!! Like he drank too much and passed OUT!! That is something else. You could make party invites out of that picture!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Awesome, thanks so much for sharing this delightful story and wonderful pictures. D’Lainey said,”Mom, I wish we lived closer so we could have so much fun!” Your place is etched out in heaven Lisa for all your love , work and dedication.
    We all love you out her in the Northwoods. You go girl and keep on truckin’ for all our GSP’s out there. They need your passion and love.
    All the best ,
    Char & Gus

  3. Lisa is a wonderful daughter, her father and I are so proud of her for what she’s going for dogs, and Jimmy is Gramma’s favorite!!!!! Don’t tell Miracle.

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