Cattin’ Around

In between photographing seniors, families and dogs, I’m cattin’ around the neighborhood these days.  OK, it’s not the most photographic blog I’ve posted recently, but it’s got me engaged and energized!

After our block party, a neighbor told me of the cat and her kittens.  I’ve seen the cat since winter and thought someone on a neighboring street owned it.  So I was surprised to see that she was a stray mother of three!  Kittens were cute but I don’t want her reproducing ‘in our neighborhood’ again.  Kinda like the ‘not in my backyard’ movement, if you get my drift.

I signed up and became a trained Trap-Neuter-Release volunteer through the WI Humane Society and this morning, momma took the bait!  At 6:00a.m. she got hungry and when I saw her beautiful, green eyes staring back at me from the live trap, I was glad to have her in there safely.  However, where was her kitten?  Another trap has been set to try to catch that one.

Cay Eyes!

Momma was dropped off at the WI Humane Society this morning and I’m about to return, on this same day, to pick her up.  She’ll be loaded back into the live trap, for my safety, and she’ll be sporting an ear tag that signifies she’s part of the Trap-Neuter-Release program.  She’ll also have vaccinations for distemper and rabies and between her shoulder blades will be a micr0-chip that will signify me as her momma!  After a couple of days in our basement ‘recovery room’, she’ll be released back into the neighborhood, where she’ll likely resume her residency in a neighbor’s garage.  Now come on little, kitty, kitty, kitty!

Momma’s off for a little ‘snippy snip!’

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