Leave It To The Pros

These days there’s a larger number of people getting their hands dirty and tackling DIY projects.  Whether it’s home projects, sewing halloween costumes or renovating a room in your house, there’s a growing movement to do it yourself.  While many of us might tackle a tiling job, taking down a 6-7 story cottonwood tree in a tight, east-side neighborhood is definitely a job for the pros!

I had been forewarned that Arbor Pros would be in the neighborhood today to take down this huge,  old tree.  As I stand on my second story porch photographing them, I noted that the top of the tree is at least 3 stories taller that the 3 story houses it neighbors.  Wow!  So when I watched the skilled arborists do their work, I was is awe at their skill and safe methods when working that high up in the air.  It’s the same with all professionals – who are skilled and draw upon training and experience that the rest of us just don’t have.

Taking Down a Lower Branch

With all the lower branches removed, they prepared for the last canopy of the cottonwood, reaching high against a cloudy sky.  Having looked at this tree for years, I got a different sense of it’s height when just the last branches were left.  As the arborist got his bucket into place, he looked up as he prepared for the final cut.  For a moment I sensed that he might be saying, “OK, here we go!”  Then with a short tug on the chainsaw, he began the last high cut into this old, successfully lived tree.  The canopy started it’s tell-tale crackling of the pull of gravity and down it came – gracefully falling through the air.

"Here we go . . ."

Although it’s a rainy, cloudy day here, after the final canopy came down I appreciated how much light was now falling into my backyard.  On one hand it was sad to see it go and on the other, maybe now I can plant a garden next summer.  That’s one DIY project I can handle.  As for arbor projects, I’ll leave that to the pros!

Nikon D3s with Nikkor  70-200m f2.8 lens  ISO 40o      Post Production software:  Photoshop CS5, Topaz Adjust 4, Nik Color Effex 3.0

One thought on “Leave It To The Pros

  1. Thanks so much Peggy. We don’t often take the time ourselves to record our projects so it’s nice that you did. We appreciate it.

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