Newborns are JOY!

As a light snow falls outside today, I delivered a beautiful package of newborn announcements to a Mom and Dad this afternoon.  All their friends and family will LOVE the images of little Nora and will look forward to watching her grow and evolve through the years!


Driving home I thought about how much fun it is to work with such precious ‘little people’ and all the recent newborns I’d photographed.  They are so new, so soft, so pliable, and often sleepy or hungry.  There are the great newborn outfits and hats to work with and once they’re asleep with full bellies of milk, the fun can begin!  All things are possible that are safe and warm!


Clothes or no clothes? Special ideas for Mom and Dad or trying new backgrounds, textures and looks?   It’s fun to stretch one’s imagination and create something that families will love forever.  I LOVE this new hat on Kayden and how it wraps around his tiny body.  And the Owl hat on Nora above is just too cute on her! 



Creating something special for the Birth Announcements is the icing on the cake for me.  Making the design, colors and layout come together is a special gift for their entire family.  There will be many “oohs” and “aahs” that are whispered as they view the announcements and grandmas and grandpas alike will anticipate the tender moments of holding them in their arms.


Babies are all good!  Now if I could just learn to sleep like one.  Note to self:  try milk before bed.


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