Fun at New Smyrna Beach!

Time with my extended family is always fun but it’s so much better on the New Smyrna Beach in FL!  Siblings, nephews, their kids, my mom, Kathy – we’re all here now and it’s fun to visit, and be a kid again.

One of the things I love to do is get beach shots of the kids every year.  Their parents get a nice, visual history of their kids as they grew up and I know the kids will have a blast remembering the fun they had with their cousins when they grow up and look back at the images.

One of the things that’s fun about photographing on the beach is the natural reflector of the sand.  If you get out there early morning or later afternoon, the angle of the sun is better to reflect up the light under hats that little kids wear these days to prevent sunburn.  If your camera comes with a little pop-up flash, then you’re all set for adding a little flash even if you’re out there in mid-day.  Don’t be afraid to try your flash when it’s bright sun and someone’s got a hat on.  It’s better yet if you can read your owner’s manual and see how you can control the light coming from your flash.  (Yes, I’m big on reading the owner’s manual!)

So here are some fun images, often made from my hip, while running along the kids.  Camera is set to Continuous High vs. Single shot and I put my focus point where I anticipate they will be.  Lens:  24-70mm f2.8  

One word of wisdom here:  Put your lens cap back on your lens in between shots as the salt air and spray can wreck havoc with your glass.  A UV filter is a must if you’re forgetful about the lens cap!


Peyton:  the natural runner


Maura:  simultaneously recovering from burns and a broken arm (fill flash would have worked better here but I didn’t have my flash.)


Ryan:  Bubble squirt guns are really cool!


Kylie:  demonstrating her “I LOVE THE BEACH” routine


More from the beach coming soon as it’s the last day for me to be out there with them before 3 of the kids head home.   See you on the beach!

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