Mad Hot Ballroom 2012

For just a few minutes I ask you to step into a pair of tap shoes and transport yourself to the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.  For those of you out of town, it’s our home to the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team and other indoor professional sports teams.  Allow me set the scene which you are about to enter.

Over the last 6 weeks, you’ve been attending tap dance lessons as part of the Danceworks, Inc. program with Milwaukee Public Schools.  Your gangly, growing body has been learning swing, latin and funky styles of tap once a week.  Any other practice is on your own.  After some final coaching tips, it’s time for the taps to hit the floor in a large inter-school competition.

You’ve got your best dancing clothes on – dresses for girls and ties on the guys.  You go over your steps one more time, mouthing the count under your breath, and then you step out onto the floor with the huge Jumbotron showing your every move overhead as the roaring crowd of parents, teachers, volunteers and judges ready for your performance.

As the quarterfinals became the semi-finals and the semi-finals became the finals, I can see the energy and the seriousness of the teams start to show.  Here I capture just one little series of a young couple who seemed to enjoy what they were seeing – on the Jumbotron!   As I edited the images today, I knew you’d enjoy this little glimpse into a big day for these young tap dancers.  Check out these faces and feel their joy, amazement and sense of accomplishment!

I like how they both see themselves and then separately take their turns peaking at themselves.






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