The Best from BARKS

If you’re a dog, hot, humid, sunny weather is perfect for laying around under a big, ‘ole shade tree.  Last Sunday was one of those days and in spite of the hot, humid weather, dogs and their owners came to the the outdoor church service for pets and their owners at St. Mark’s Episcopal church.  Praying was in order instead of laying under the shade tree.  While the dogs were blessed outside by Fr. John Allen, I was also blessed with the well-behaved dogs that came to be photographed as a benefit for the church.  So much fun with all the different breeds!

I’m always trying something new and thinking “what if.”   This year I decided that some dogs needed to wear tutus.  I have them in the studio for toddlers and I thought the dogs would tolerate them for a short time.  Here are a few images from some accommodating dogs:

Modeling the purple tutu at Barks event,

Brown tutu for the Golden Retriver.

There was a Chocolate Lab that literally ‘sat’ for me.  When she plopped herself down against my backdrop, I got the feeling that this girl was saying, “It’s been a long, hot morning.  Let’s get this shoot over with.  I’ve got a date with the couch!”  I love the body language she shows here.  If you’ve got another caption running around in your head, please share it!

“Let’s get this shoot over with!”

Lastly, there was a 12 week old Vizsula puppy that bounded in to be photographed.  Loved his furrowed brow and puppy breath!  I could have photographed him all day but here’s a fun shot.

At this age, everything is interesting – including a photo session!

If you missed the Barks at St. Mark’s event, keep this in mind.  During the months of July and August, I’m running a “$75 Thursdays.”  Any Thursday session (up to 1 hour) is $75 at the studio or within 25 miles (round trip) of the studio.  Now THAT’s something to bark about!  You can contact me about this special here.

2 thoughts on “The Best from BARKS

  1. Wonderful photos, Peggy! I love the Vizsula pup! I think the lab is saying, “I’m only doing this because I love my people – don’t you dare tell anydog about it or else!”

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