Ahh, the Fall!

When you’re photographing people outside in the Fall, you’re always at the mercy of the weather.  Will it be cold, windy, hot, or rainy?  Fall is a time of vast change and if I’m working with little ones, weather can make all the difference in the mood of the images.  So last week, when the weather didn’t cooperate for an active 18 month old, named William, I told Amy, the mother, “the weather’s surely going to get warm again.”

So with the temps in the mid 60’s this morning, I headed out to Cedarburg and had lots of fun with William and his apples!

I’m sooo big and strong!

He was so enthusiastic and enjoyed playing with his parents as we maneuvered quickly through 3 clothing changes and some time with his beloved Sammy.  The warm, morning light was pouring through the white birch leaves, while a steady breeze kept him cool in his warm outfits.  Even Sammy, the family pooch, gave me a spontaneous moment that they will cherish long after William’s buddy is gone.

It was a exhilarating morning with William and his family and we all were blessed with the wonderful, soft kisses of warmth that Fall can bring.  A great joy accompanied me all day as I thought of the fun I had in the company of William and his apples.  I hope you can find time to go outside and breath it in over the next few days in the Midwest.  Be sure to eat an apple while you’re out there!

I’m ready for frost now.


You are my very best friend in the whole, wide world!

On top of the world on dad’s shoulders.


Got my weight-lifting over for the day!




4 thoughts on “Ahh, the Fall!

  1. Great shots! He’s adorable! We need to figure out a day in your crazy schedule to photograph the dogs together. Fall is definately here!

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