Style Counts

What fun it is to photograph dogs in fresh snow!  Throw in a newly groomed white, standard poodle that loves to be outdoors as much as it loves its owner, and you’ve got a chance to make some enthusiastic images.

Meet Oliver and Cheri!  A woman that adores her standard poodles and shares a zest for life outdoors with them.  When she showed up in a red coat, I knew we were off on the right foot, or paw.

Let's Race


One of Oliver’s specialties is ball playing.  His ball is as accustomed to his mouth as his tongue.  With a light snow falling, Cheri started tossing the ball and Oliver not only caught the ball consistently but did it by earning hundreds of ‘style points.’

Catching with Style


I think my favorite of the jump shots, however, was this image:

It's All in the Ears!


After a little rest, Oliver was treated to some yummy treats.  As he waited patiently, he threw his head back and jutted his chest out as if to say, “hey – look at me sitting so pretty!”

Sitting Proud


As one of my Snow Dogs, it was a pleasure to meet him for the first time and make some memorable images of he and Cheri together.  Thanks for the laughs, Oliver!



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