Amazing Recovery

In June 2011, a very sick German Shorthair Pointer/English Pointer dog showed up at a rescue in Indiana.  She was emaciated and ticks were helping themselves to a warm, blood meal at her expense.  She was initially treated and then fostered through Illinois Bird Dog Rescue (IBR).  It was there that they discovered she had Lyme’s disease and after her initial treatment for Lyme’s, she also tested positive for Rocky Mt. Spotted Fever and Ehrlichia.   Poor girl!  Because of IBR’s emphasis on tireless testing and treatment of all their dogs prior to adoption, I can tell you that Helen Jane (aka Hellie) is doing VERY well these days!

She’s been with us for 2 weeks now and I can report that she’s made an amazing recovery!  Very athletic, eager to please, and yet calm, mellow and loyal – in spite of all she’s lived through.  While we still need to watch her health closely, IBR continues to guide us, as they have worked with many dogs with tick-borne diseases.  We’re thankful for another “save” by IBR and the foster family that gave her a home for almost a year!

Here’s to a healthy Helen Jane after her romp at the Runway Dog Park this morning!

Hellie on the Run

Hellie on the Run

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