When Warmer Returns

While the cold winter weather has abandoned Alaska and decided to drop in for a visit to the Upper Midwest, I’ve found that it’s been good for some much-neglected indoor activities that collected dust during the busy Holiday season.  Those projects have visited me in the middle of night with a little “pop up” visual window in my mind or when I’m out walking the dog.  Clean office, remove the rest of wallpaper in the bedroom, finish painting the shelves in the bathroom that’s 95% done, etc.  You understand, I’m sure.

It’s not a nasty voice that visits me during these moments, but more of a time keeper with a stop watch, yelling out splits as I traverse my day.  “One corner of the office cleaned – nice job!”  Or “new light fixture finally up in the living room – check.”  “Put yard sale items into boxes for tagging – (on-going) check.”  Add these to the other everyday activities like shopping,  shoveling, running out in the cold for pick-ups from pharmacy or shopping for human/dog food, and it’s a full, winter day.

As it’s gotten colder, I’ve noticed how it seems like my body needs the 5W20 oil, or maybe the synthetic variety, to keep moving.  I’m slower moving and need to stretch or run the body through some yoga/pilates everyday.  In keeping with Daft Punk Grammy winning album,  my random access memory is filled with a long to-do list in the summer.  On these -40 degree wind chill days, I’d much rather stretch out on the couch with Hellie and an engaging book and see how a real couch potato lives!

However, both winter and life march, or blow, on.  As warmer weather approaches for the weekend, I invite you to come and get warm with 10,000 other pet lovers who will be honoring Veterans and the role that pets have played in their lives!  You’ll get to meet Sharon, Dan and Pete and hear a short personal story at 12:10 on the Main Stage.  Lots of activities in the demo area and a Speed Dating event for anyone looking for a new family member or wanting to learn more about a specific breed.  I’ll be in booth #402 with some upcoming specials and a nice display of 2013 images.  If you like chocolate, be sure to stop by!

Anytime is a good time for Dan to massage his kitty.

Anytime is a good time for Dan to massage his kitty.

Wiggily Butt Rosie keeps Sharon on her toes.

Wiggily Butt Rosie keeps Sharon on her toes.

Pete and Carly have each other's back, and hearts!

Pete and Carly have each other’s back, and hearts!


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