Shared Hearts

My memory of the day is quite clear.  It was a bright, sunny February day and my spirit was lifted because I could actually feel the warmth of the sun again, even though my body was covered head to toe with ‘Nanook from the North’ clothing.  It’s the kind of day that the sun and leafless trees create strong shadows against the white snow.  What a time of year for new beginnings!  

We’d lost 2 dogs in 3 months at the end of the previous year and we were looking forward to hearing paws on the floor again.  The fact that it was around Valentine’s Day was icing on the cake!

I’d first met her briefly at her foster family’s home but it was the photos posted on her Facebook page that showed her athletic gait and strong carriage that caught my eye.  Besides being energetic, focused, and muscular, Hellie showed she was good with children and new adventures.  So the new adventure began – for all of us!

In a few days we celebrate the one year anniversary that Helen Jane came home with to live with Kathy and I and become our Hellie.  Since it’s around Valentine’s Day I asked her to model a favorite necklace that’s really an exterior symbol for the big, common heart we share.  

Never mind that she seems less than enthusiastic about the camera pointed at her.  A year ago she wouldn’t even look us in the eye, even with a treat at the ready!  Seems as though we had to wait until we measured up to her expectations.  Three walks/runs a day – check.  Comfy doggy beds – check.  Good things to chew on – check.  A dog sitter that gives me massages – double check!


As we celebrate a year together, I encourage others considering a dog or cat to check out the adoptable pets a local Humane Society or a breed-specific rescue.   From puppies to seniors, there’s a heart out there that’s more than ready to let you in.  It’s a gift that keeps on giving all year round!



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