YES! I do cats!

When people see my dog photography displayed at the Great Lakes Pet Expo or Fido Fest, they’ll ask me if I photograph cats.   While I’ve not had many requests from clients to photograph cats I have to say that lately I’ve had a ‘run’ on them.

There was Dan, the Vietnam veteran that I photographed with his cat for the Great Lakes Pet Expo, who this year (2014) honored veterans and the role that pets played in their recoveries from PTSD.  Dan loves to give his cats some belly rub time!



Recently I’ve been working on a project to help Milwaukee area dogs and cats get adopted.  It includes some local VIP’s hamming it up with the dogs and cats.   It roles out sometime the end of May so i can’t show you anything from that quite yet.

However, here are some sweet kittens that made their way into the studio last week.  Can you say cute??  I love the face on the last one!









If you’re ready to welcome a kitten into your home they will be ready for adoption from the Milwaukee Animal Alliance in a few weeks.  

There!  So no more wondering if I photograph cats or kittens.  I’m happy to come to your home, or if you have an adventurous one, the studio will a nice change of pace for them.  No more wondering now folks.  Spread the word – Peggy photographs cats!



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